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Flower child, daydreamer, reader, overthinker, and storyteller, Danielle Lyn's written works have been published in magazines, editorials, digital media outlets, and more. An aficionado of English literature, INFP, transracial adoptee, fan of all things pink and pumpkin spice, advocate for mental health and supporter for the 988 Suicide lifeline, tree hugging environmentalist, animal caregiver to Sushi, Clementine, Alfie and the colony of rescue bunnies, Dolly the Basset, and Mae's pack of hounds. She is represented in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, working throughout the US, and residing in North Carolina with a colorful collection of bright shiny objects, gel pens, sketchbooks, Golden Girls memorabilia, all toted about in a backpack full of gizmos and gadgets of plenty.

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